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How to make a BT UK landline telephone to work in other European countries.

January 22, 2013 by ktorktor

I needed a new landline phone and I wanted a small and a simple one. No wireless, no digital display just simple, nice and small. I’ve searched the local stores, but I couldn’t find something to meat my requirements. Finally I found it on Amazon UK. Little did I know that UK has a different system.

The jack is different but In most cases a BT plug to RJ11 adaptor will be enough. Most phones are made to work in any country.

However, some UK phones, especially those made by BT itself will not work. They require a 3rd wire to ring, you will need an adaptor with a ring capacitor or you can make one for less than 2 Euros.
I’m not very advanced in electronics. I don’t know if it works in any case. Maybe it can be improved, but it worked for me.



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