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  1. Brick House for my HO Scale Train Model

    March 21, 2016 by ktorktor

    Yesterday I assembled a Brick House that came with a magazine. In every number you get some pieces to build a scale model.

    In the next picture you can see the model that I built:


    This is the reference picture from the magazine, this is how the model looks like if you just assemble it.


    My model looks way much better just because … I painted it.

    This is how I did it:

    1. I applied a plastic primer. This is needed for a better adhesion of the paint layer to plastic. Be careful to spray over just a very thin layer. Too much primer can react with plastic and affect model details.

    2. I paint the parts (before separation) with acrylic spray. Acrylic paint is suited for house model due to it’s mat, not shiny texture.

    eBay shopping list:

  2. How to make a BT UK landline telephone to work in other European countries.

    January 22, 2013 by ktorktor

    I needed a new landline phone and I wanted a small and a simple one. No wireless, no digital display just simple, nice and small. I’ve searched the local stores, but I couldn’t find something to meat my requirements. Finally I found it on Amazon UK. Little did I know that UK has a different system.

    The jack is different but In most cases a BT plug to RJ11 adaptor will be enough. Most phones are made to work in any country.

    However, some UK phones, especially those made by BT itself will not work. They require a 3rd wire to ring, you will need an adaptor with a ring capacitor or you can make one for less than 2 Euros.
    I’m not very advanced in electronics. I don’t know if it works in any case. Maybe it can be improved, but it worked for me.



  3. Check Domain Availability Automatically

    October 28, 2011 by ktorktor

    I’m following, for some time, a domain name that has been registered by somebody else. The former owner didn’t renew the domain so it will be available for registration soon. Usually it takes around 75 day from the expiration date until the domain name becomes available again. I can use a paid service like, they are among the best. They can grab the domain for you just in the moment it becomes available. It is an auction based system and you have bet a minimum of $69.

    I want to register the domain at a regular price so I made a small script to send me an email when it becomes available. I am aware that my system will never beat systems like snapmanes, but I’ll be able to register it from the fist minutes it becomes available. This is just a similar name of a domain that I already have so it is not very important and it doesn’t worth paying $69 for it.

    I found a domain lookup class on Then I made a small php script:

    Just change $domain and $email with your own.


    $domain = '';
    $email = '';
    include "whois.php";
    $whois = new whois;
    if ($whois->available($domain)) {
    	echo 'Available!';
    	if (!file_exists("sent.txt")) send_mail();
    } else {
    	echo 'Not Available!';
    function send_mail() {
    	global $domain;
    	$to = $email;
    	$subject = "$domain is Available!";
    	$body = "$domain is Available!";
    	if (mail($to, $subject, $body)) {
    	   echo("<p>Message successfully sent!</p>");
    	 } else {
    	   echo("<p>Message delivery failed...</p>");
    	 file_put_contents ("sent.txt","sent");

    Download files

    When the domain becomes available, it will send you an email and then writes a file “sent.txt”. Next time it will check if the file exists before sending email, in order to avoid flooding your inbox.

    Put the script on a server and set up a cron (form 5 to 5 minutes) like this: /usr/bin/lynx -source

  4. Proxy Servers

    October 28, 2011 by ktorktor

    Basically a proxy server acts as an intermediate between your computer and a website (or other web service) and can be used to hide your real IP address.

    Free Proxies

    You can find a lot of free proxies out there but bare in mind that there are a few problems with them:

    The free proxies are blacklisted because they have been abused by some people. Be careful when you are using free public proxies because it is most likely that a lot of them are abused by other people and could get you into trouble if you use them on some services.

    Low bandwidth – Free proxies can be very slow because they are used by too many people, or they have a limited bandwidth access.

    Unreliable – A free proxy can become unusable or can go offline anytime so it is not a constant and reliable service.

    There are many websites that provide free proxy lists, like:,

    Paid proxies

    To avoid problems cause by the free proxies you can use a paid service, this is more reliable because the access to proxy servers is limited only to it’s members.

    The paid proxies can be:

    Shared: more than one people are using the same IP address (In same cases the IP can be blacklisted if some other user abused it in the past)

    Exclusive: it is only yourself who can use the proxy IP.

    You can get paid proxies from:

    There are a few reasons to prefer using a proxy server:

    If you are concerned about your privacy

    When you connect to a website it can show the following information about you:

    - your IP address

    - browsers name and version

    - your operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc.)

    - screen resolution

    - the page where you come from.

    Furthermore, if a website knows your IP address it can obtain, through some online services, information about your location (your country, your city and the name of your internet provider). You can check for example, this IP locator.

    Your internet provider has the link between the IP and the name and address of the person who is using it. Anyway this is not a reason to panic, it does not mean that every website can get your name and address. The internet providers keep this information private. Only in some rare cases, if an authority demands it or if there is an information leaking from your provider, someone could find who you are.

    If you want to access a service that is restricted to a particular geographical area.

    Probably you already know that even Google is showing different search results depending on the country you live in. Some other services simply refuse to deliver content to visitors that are outside a certain area.

    In this case you can use a proxy server that has an IP address located in that area.

    If you need multiple IP connections to an website.

    There are some online services that will deny your access on too many requests from the same IP.

    Be careful not to fall into black hat activities. Unfortunately proxies are used a lot for black hat activities like spam, automatic comments posting etc.

    If you have more important information about proxies or if you know some other services please comment below.